Fleet Help

Product overview The Fleet website is used to manage farm operation data received from a range of vehicles and implements. You can access it through an Internet browser such as Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or Google™ Chrome. Use the Fleet website to manage your vehicles. First establish a connection to a vehicle’s on-board communication device, […]

FarmStream Fleet Setup Guide

Introduction FarmStream Fleet is a powerful tool that enables farm operation managers to closely monitor the productivity of their fleet of vehicles. FarmStream Fleet can quickly and accurately provide detailed utilization data, demonstrating how the vehicle is being used for a given time period. The functionality of traditional Fleet is still available for existing customers, […]

Fleet Feature Comparison

This document describes the difference in features between the traditional Fleet Manager utility (using the DCM-300 modem) and the FarmStream Fleet Manager utility (using the FmX® integrated display, TMX-2050™, GFX-750™, or GFX-350™ display).